Membrane Protein Production and Chemistry

Project Description

The main role of the protein core is to produce proteins for each of the bridging and pilot projects. In addition, the core helps investigators outside the consortium who are seeking help to develop methods for high yield expression of properly folded membrane proteins, detergent solubilisation and purification optimization, and chemical modification of protein targets. Core members collaborate with MPSDC members to develop and optimize new protein expression protocols. The Protein Core provides a wide range of expression systems, both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells or cell-free, to accommodate the specific requirements of each protein target.

The Core will develop methods for high yield expression of specific membrane proteins, detergent solubilization optimization, and purification of protein targets. The emphasis of the Core will be preparation of homogeneous functional proteins for use in studies of structure, dynamics and mechanism. We will apply a range of expression strategies taking into consideration several needs: the quantity, the multimeric state, the level of purification, and the modifications required for manipulations. Our priorities are the functionality and homogeneity of the protein. To achieve these goals, the Protein Core will work closely with all investigators to assure that the activity of each target is properly assessed.

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