Final program for Frontiers in Membrane Protein Dynamics 2014 released


The Frontiers in Membrane Protein Structural Dynamics meeting is looking like one amazing gathering. We have a remarkable slate of topics and very much look forward to see it through in about a month.

Enclosed is the program as it stands right now. We are to start with the first of two keynote sessions on Wednesday night (May 7th) and close with the second one, Friday afternoon (May 9th). I remind everybody that we have also put together two concurrent discussion workshops, on Computational Approaches (chaired by Benoit Roux) and a second one on Spectroscopic methods (chaired By Yeon-Kyun Shin and Marc Baldus). These will take place all day, at the Campus of the University of Chicago, before the start of the meeting on May 7th. We are still finalizing the schedule for the workshops but I encourage you to plan your travel to attend one of them (or switch between them!).

Best regards,

Eduardo Perozo
Bob Nakamoto

To see the program, please click here.

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