Olga Boudker

Assistant Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, Weill Cornell Medical College

Overall, the efforts in Boudker’s lab will be directed toward defining the transport dynamics of the bacterial homologue of glutamate transporters, key players in glutamate-mediated synaptic transmission. GltPh is the only member of the family with known crystal structures of several functional states and will be used as a model system to understand the relationship between protein dynamics and substrate transport across the membrane.

Olga Boudker (PI). The PI will oversee overall progress of the project; design and analyze results and write the manuscript.

Nurunisa Akyuz (Ph.D. student). Nurunisa will express, purify and fluorescently label GltPh protein for single molecule experiments. She will perform smFRET measurements, analyze the experimental data, and participate in writing manuscripts and presenting data at meetings.