Public Resources

The Membrane Protein Structural Dynamics Consortium (MPSDC) is committed to producing resources that can be utilized by the broader scientific community as research tools or educational materials.

Chief among the resources provided are publications co-authored by Consortium team members. These culminate out of research projects undertaken as part of the objectives of the Cores and Projects, and receive funding accordingly. We have made selections of these publications available for viewing, subject to the regulations of the periodicals and journals in which they were published. All publications listed cite the NIH/NIGMS Glue Grant No. GM087519 which funds the MPSDC.

In addition to publications, we have also created and made available a number of servers and web portals, tutorial files and methods, and software which are made available to the public. These include molecular visualization and simulation programs, quantitative analysis packages, and force field analysis servers.

We will continue to populate this section as new resources become available in the future.