Workshop on Membrane Protein Production on May 8th

Wednesday May 8th 2013, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery, room 3200
University of Chicago (directions)

This expression test gel was produced by Bea Hoffman from Volker Dötsch‘s lab

Join us for an afternoon to discuss topics on membrane protein production and modification.  Topics will include cellular and cell-free production of membrane proteins, reconstitution, incorporation of unnatural amino acids, single antigen binder technologies, and chemistry of protein modification and nitroxide spin labels.

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2:00    Brandy Verhalen, Vanderbilt University, and Yelena Peskova, University of Virginia: Expression in eukaryotic cells and reconstitution into nanodiscs.

2:20    Shohei Koide, University of Chicago: Use of designed binding proteins for structural and functional studies

2:40    Ray Hulse, University of Chicago: Strategies for NMR sample preparation

3:00    Edith Buchinger, Goethe University: Cell-free protein synthesis for NMR

3:20    Break

3:40    Stephen Pless, University of Iowa: Use of nonsense suppressors in ooctyes

4:00    Lilia Leisle, University of Iowa: Selection of tRNA synthetases for in vivo incorporation of unnatural amino acid

4:20    Andrzej Rajca, University of Nebraska: Next generation nitroxide spin labels

4:40    Discussion

5:00    End of workshop

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