Winner of the logo design contest announced

In July of this year, we announced a Consortium logo design contest. The contest was open to all post docs, graduate students, lab technicians, and lab personnel associated with the Consortium, who were asked to submit a stylized design that informs and captures the spirit of the Consortium. These logos were reviewed by the Executive Committee of the MPSDC, who judged the logos based on creativity, originality, aesthetics, use of space, and color. The prize for the winning logo designer was an Apple iPad with Wi-Fi and 32GB Memory. To our delight, we received over a dozen entries from a number of affiliate laboratories. Some of the entries that were submitted can be viewed here.

Upon much deliberation, we decided upon two finalist submissions: one of the logos submitted by David Medovoy from the Perozo and Roux labs, and the logo submitted jointly by Amelia Randich from the Perozo lab and Ernesto Vargas from the Roux lab. We asked the designers to revise their logos in accordance to some of our criteria, and this is what they came up with:

By David Medovoy

By Amelia Randich and Ernesto Vargas

In the end, we decided to select David Medovoy’s logo as the winner, which is now on display on the top left of the website. David goes home with the coveted prize, but we gave Amelia and Ernesto an iPod shuffle for their efforts as well.

We would like to thank all participants for their creativity and hard work!

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